Family Fun

Family Fun

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sensory Room

A maze filled with music , movement and
Saturday we went to universal and Island of adventures! Did you know that you can get tickets using reward points ? My mom always figures out ways to make the dollar go farther. While we were there we went to what my Mom and I call "Sensory Heaven". They have everything you could ever imagine. From bells and whistles, textures, imaginary play, shapes, tight spaces even to music and lights. Aiden calls it the Barney room because the room has characters from Barney on the walls and some times Barney and his friends come in to take pictures. Saturday he spent about an hour and a half just playing his heart out in there. At one point there were others kids in the room although Aiden didn't play with them he did follow one boy all over the room, personal space may become an issue in the future. Aiden did a great job leaving. We took lots of Pictures to give you an Idea of great sensory rooms..
This type of play..settles Aiden down
The stones light up and play music
when you step on them

echo .. cave

Music chimes.. and next to that
the water fall is a plays music when
you run your hand through it

when you push the buttons .. a rainbow
appears on the wall

water play
step on the stones to
make music and lights
Climbing's a maze in
music and movement
heavy play Aiden loved this
If we could have one art of this room.. it would be the punching bags.. running through them gives Aiden the Proprioceptive play that he needs.. Aiden is always banging into us .. or throwing his body down on the floor.. jumping and pushing around heavy objects helps.. mom fills laundry baskets and lets him push that around.. we also have a mini trampoline.. he jumps on that or jumps into his bean bag chair.. Most of the time these things work.. and when he starts plowing into us.. we can try to get him to do something else.. something a little safer.. and less painful lol


  1. it sounds like you guys had a blast and it looks like aiden had a really great time!

  2. We had such a blast.. Aiden is asking to go back.. if only it were closer or gas were cheaper lol