Family Fun

Family Fun

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Thumb Arcade

So I told everyone how Aiden came in Second for the "My Underwear" contest though Thumb Arcade and I told you about how A wonderful giving little boy Daniel who won the first place prize... an I Pod touch.. gave up his prize to me... Well it came in the mail.. so exciting.. I now have a camera.. did not have one before....mine broke..still a mystery.

Aiden got so much nice things from Thumb Arcade.. well I will let the pictures speak for their selves.

trying to contain my excitement lol

Aiden..not trying to contain his excitement lol

The 8 eyed monster

Todd Par... lace boards.. whoo hoo... he loves them!

whoo... can't believe it.. an cracked screen.. and a camera.. no more asking for Mom's

Thank you daniel.. for your selfless act of kindness!!!

So as you can tell... we were pretty excited... the mail lady was to... because we have stopped watching her to see if she had our special package.. we told Aiden's teacher about it and the book that Aiden won Todd Pars The I'M NOT SCARED Book!" .. and she wants us to have a show and tell day.. complete with My underwear..( I never get tired of saying that...) we will bring in Aiden's Ipad.. our teacher does not have one yet.. hopefully when the word spreads about all the work they are doing there will be more teachers with Ipads.. until then we will share...His teacher can not believe how far Aiden has come over the summer.. the Ipad has helped us so much.. I can't wait to see how much farther it will take Aiden.. he will be reaching the stars before you know it! If you get a chance Todd Par has a new online store.. go check it out... I have found so many things on there that I want for Aiden .. especially the blue back pack !


  1. So happy that you're happy!


  2. The pictures look like you're having "Christmas Eve unwrapping the presents" in summer :-)!

  3. Dear Player02,
    Thanks so much for all the wonderful things you have done for Aiden and I. Keep up the good work on changing children’s lives! :)

  4. Dear Truedantalion,
    Haha it felt like a summertime Christmas! :)