Family Fun

Family Fun

Monday, August 8, 2011

It's been a Few....

Sorry I haven't written in awhile, it's been kind of crazy. Anyway we went to Seaworld again last week. I think you can pretty much guess if Aiden liked it or not..... But if you can't I'll just tell you he had a blast!! (like ALWAYS). Especially at the Hotels new water area, He played there for hours. It is a really  good way to get a lot of therapy in.. fine motor .. sensory etc.. sometimes you get more out of a field trip then you can at home or in a therapy session. Mom was having a good time till the floor and her had a little issue. You know how they say it takes skill to fall over flat surfaces, well my Mom must have some mad skills because she slid four feet and then fell. Security came and put Mom in a wheel chair, Aiden thought that Mom was going to jail because security was there. But he handled himself pretty good. Although I can't say the same for my school orientation the following Wednesday. Let's just say he has had better times. While my Mom and I were in line Aiden started to run across the gym. It just so happened he ran in front of the the cross country table where there was a boy holding a sign. He waved his sign at Aiden and yelled "wanna join cross country". My Mom and I found this very funny. Aiden is a fast runner when he's not being chased and laughing so hard he wets his pants. I could totally see him in something that requires a lot of running when he gets older. We went swimming a few days later and that seemed to go smooth. Swimming seems to relax Aiden.. well anything that has to do with water ... except of cource the bath... and that is a battle to get him in and another to get him out... I will try to write another blog soon.. School will be starting in a couple weeks .. which meens some shopping and possible meltdowns to come.


  1. Hi Kourtney,
    I just found your blog via Real Look Autism/Facebook. I really like it and am going to subscribe now.

    I'm a grandma to a 9-yr old boy, Hunter, who lives with mild-to-moderate autism. Your brother reminds me of him as he was at his age. Aiden is very lucky to have a cool and patient sister like you.

    Best wishes, Kay

  2. Dear Kay R-Z,
    Thank you! Im really glad that someone is reading my blog and enjoying it. I hope the best for you and your grandson Hunter. :)