Family Fun

Family Fun

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Can you say beach?

Yup that’s right we took Aiden to the beach today. He did really good for his first time there. Before we went, we prepared him by using the app I See-quence…. Going to the beach, by I get it apps. I think Aiden did good with it because the pictures were real instead cartoons. (I’m surprised he didn’t ask who every person was.)

We got there and Aiden was a little nervous.. For some reason he thought the water would be a pool… he was a little afraid of the waves. After a while he relaxed.. It didn’t take long before he was running around playing.. Walking and running is great heavy input for him.. Seems to have made him relax even more. We ran and played by the water and we tossed around a beach ball. He really liked that. He played in the sand with his cars and threw sand in the air. Most of the sand went on Mom… and considering she has a thing about sand she handled it pretty good. When it came time to leave it went better then expected. Aiden doesn’t transition well, even if he likes what is coming next. Sense he left pretty good we decided that we would go to our friends house and swim.. He is getting braver with that as well. When it came time to leave that he did ok getting in the car.. When he realized my friend Lexi was not coming with us he screamed all the way home. For the most part it was a pretty good day.. He got to get out of the house and have lots of movement. Mom says that movement is important for him to get the sensory he needs and he learns better after having a lot of heavy input… well he did not get that much learning in because he is sound asleep.. Guess he is worn out.

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