Family Fun

Family Fun

Friday, July 15, 2011

Aiden's Day of Song

           Instead of waking up to what usually seems like a pro wrestler sitting on me , I woke up to Aiden playing on an app and singing his Abc's along with it. We managed to get it on Video. Which is highly unusual , because normally when you get the camera out to take video Aiden stops everything and says "CHEESE". It was kind of hard to understand what he was saying , but we could make some of it out. I guess you could say that the music has captured Aiden. He has been singing random songs all day. He even ask for lunch in a song.

          We have gotten a lot done today . We played with his See and spell. That is a wooden board with the word and it's picture on it. It has a spot for every letter in the word. You take a wooden letter and place it in it's spot. This is great for fine motor skills, sight words recognition and letters. He is able to recognize some of his letters.. and he knows what the pictures are. A lot of what he says we can understand , but everyone else has a lot of trouble. We work hard on speech . Before he aged out of the Early steps program we had a great lady that work with Aiden once a week for an hour .She taught us how to work with Aiden to. An hour a week in no where near long enough. We took a sensory break after the See and spell and let Aiden use his swing . He really works better with breaks.

We then played with beans. We hide things in the beans and he has to find them. Today was googly eyes. He loves to pour the beans in little play bowls and pretend to eat them. The beans he put in the pink bowl he said tasted like strawberries and the ones in the blue bowl were blue berries. I thought it was pretty cool how we corresponded the color with the taste. We also played with his latch board. My mom put it on his sensory wall just a little to high so he would have to reach for it. This is so he builds up his core strength.

                   For heavy input today, He jumped on his trampoline. It is pretty cool . It has handles and plays music. Luckily he hasn’t needed as much heavy input today as the past few days. Lets just see how the rest of the day goes.

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