Family Fun

Family Fun

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our Day of Movement

Tap ..Tap .. Tap .. Hey out there is anyone here… this is kind of hard to get used to …typing not knowing if anyone is seeing or caring what I type.. Would love to hear from you.

Although Aiden had a rough nights sleep , just like any night. He has night terriers and the weighted blanket helps but does not take it away completely. He started the day in a good mood. Like most days he needed a lot of sensory input. Instead of letting him push into us to get the pressure, he pushed into his peanut ball. He rolled back and forth on the ball letting the pressure of the ball and his body do it’s job. We even made up a space rocket game which worked with his balance. Aiden has poor core strength, this helps with that. It also promoted imaginative play. We added counting and letters all in one. He had so much fun. The problem with Aiden is he does not like change . Trying to get him to transition from one thing to the next is very difficult, even is he likes the next thing planned. What helps with this is providing a visual schedule that he can see and know when he is going to his next task. We are going to make him a set of cards that you place on a poster board and get a laminator and timer to set up a pecs system for him. If we get donations to Aiden’s cause that is first on the list of things to do for him.

We worked with his I pad today as we do every day. We have an app that has flash cards of the alphabet, which he worked with for a little bit and when he did good , I let him use his favorite app. My Underwear by Thumb Arcade he loves the app and making the underwear has improved his fine motor skills. You design a pair of underwear by coloring it. You can even save the underwear that you design. I love seeing how intense he gets designing his underwear. The I pad works for so many skills and if you want more info on apps to buy visit A4cwsn @…. My mom is obsessed with that site.. She has gotten so many free apps and information on apps to buy for special needs children.

I am now taking a break ..shhh Aiden is taking a nap.. My mom has a routine for him in the evening to get him ready for sleep time . I will let you know how it goes.


  1. Hi Kourtney - just to let you know that there definitely are people out there reading your blog and getting lots from it - ideas, support, knowledge about autism - people need to be educated and you are helping with that. I work with kids on the autism spectrum and I love the sensory environment you are creating for your little brother! Plus you are all starting at an early age with thus wonderful intervention so he has a better start than most! I can only imagine the hard work and commitment involved on a daily basis but what a lucky boy to have su h a dedicated big sister. Take care of yourself too! Rebecca

  2. Rebecca, thanks for letting me know there is someone reading my blog and he is more than worth the investment that I am putting into him. One day he will be a valuable member of society. :)

  3. Hello,
    Im really unsure weather to write this or not, but im having a rough time at the moment.
    I am pretty sure i have autism, though explaining it to people is hard because i feel as though they will just think im saying it for attention.
    I have noticed many things but when i have tried telling my mum, who was the one who said she thought i had it a whioe ago and got the whole thing in my head, she just says that lots of other kids do that too.
    Personally, i think she is just trying to deny it, and i dont blame her, but, to be honest, i could pretty much say i am at least on the spectrum.
    I know i probably sound fine on here, but that is due to the fact i find it easier to communicate with people when im not with them. But, i am very different inside.
    Thabk you for reading this, can i ask what you think i should do, i could really do with some advice from someone with expierience.
    Also, well done looming after your brother, he sounds really sweet!
    PS, i am 12