Family Fun

Family Fun

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Our Day

Today, Aiden and I played school…… it was interesting, but I have to say he looks so cute when he raises his hand and says “Kourtney oh oh ha ha Teacher can you help me”. School is almost here and I think he will be ecstatic to get to ride the “ big giant yellow school bus” again. As for me I’m excited yet really nervous, it will be my first year of high school. Scary! Aiden and I worked on his abc’s today he’s doing pretty good, but he doesn’t get that there are uppercase and lowercase letters. So I think that’s confusing him a little. We are trying to just work on uppercase letters then move on to lower case. We have also been working on counting and shapes. He’s getting pretty good at drawing his circles and triangles but his squares aren’t that great, he’s trying his best and that’s better than not trying at all. We have seen lots of progress since we first started working with shapes and to me that’s great.

My mom improved Aiden’s sensory wall today, so we also worked on that and his swing. Its amazing how many things are great sensory items. For instance my mom and I went to the Dollar Tree one day and went up and down the isles to see what we could find texture wise. With only spending a few dollars and using an old picture frame that had dividers to separate the pictures we made a few great things for his sensory wall. You don’t have to have a lot of money to have great sensory tools. If you take a look around your house I’m sure you can find a ton of stuff to make great things with. It doesn’t have to be something for the wall either. Take some dry beans, pour them in a bucket and let your kid run their fingers through the beans, this and playing with Play dough are some of Aiden’s favorite activities. Finger painting is also another good yet messy thing your kid might like that may help with sensory.

As the day wines down the house seems to becoming calm and peaceful probably because Aiden is laying down watching Blue’s Clue’s with his eyes half way closed. We can usually tell when Aiden is getting tired because he asks if the sun is going down. He figures if the sun is going down then he can go to sleep. Well that’s it for now, have a great rest of the day.

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