Family Fun

Family Fun

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Life With Aiden

Aiden hasn’t allowed me to write lately. That said I think you can pretty much predict how its been. Aiden has been having anxiety attacks. He has not slept well , and he has been aggressive.  Monday I had gone to a friends house in the afternoon and didn’t return till about the same time the following day…so for that period of time I’m not sure how things went. One thing that I am sure of is that Aiden missed me, because when I got home Aiden ran up to me and gave me a hug. It only took a few minutes before he asked if I could play with him and his big yellow bus. Oh My Goodness that bus is starting to get annoy me . We have this laundry sorter that has wheels and well my Mom put Aiden’s bus tent on top of it. He can get in and walk around. Aiden has been playing with it for days. He wants us to play with it. My mom or me obviously can't stand up inside like he does, and its not really big enough for Aiden and another person. I think he finally gets it now. Bad thing is Aiden gets really upset if you will not play with him.

Today we worked on one of his apps that we found through A4cwsn. It is called Alpha Tots. He tries to sing his Abc’s with the app, you cant understand him but he is trying. His favorite letter to open is R, he tries to say Reduce Reuse and Recycle like the app. He also likes the P, because of the instruments. He likes any type of music or anything that has to do with music. He also likes well every other letter of the alphabet, lol. He has been doing so well since receiving his I-pad. We have gotten so many apps through A4cwsn that we cant have them all on the I-pad at the same time. We are learning that just because an app is free, doesn’t mean its right for us. They can waste space and time. We now check out the reviews first, then make sure it is what will work for us. Always keep that in mind before purchasing or downloading a free app. A good place to find a review is There are several video reviews so you can watch it and see if it is an app that would work for your child or student. If you check out the facebook page leave a question on an app.. and there will be someone to answer it .. wither Gary James .. the owner of the site or a parent , teacher or developer.

As we are making our way through this chapter of this crazy thing we call life, we never know what the future holds. Tomorrow could be one of Aiden’s worst days or it could be one of his best. You never know because everyday is a new day, and no matter what, I’m still glad I have my marvelous brother Aiden to share it with.

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