Family Fun

Family Fun

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Touching Story

Yesterday a friend firmly suggested that we bring Adien to the local park, he did very good but had a minor meltdown.When we returned home we were surprised with a voicemail from none other than player 2! I was in my room with Adien and a friend when my mom came into the room and said "Kourtney listen to this" she then read the following message out loud:

IPod touching story by Thumb Arcade on Friday, July 22, 2011 at 5:37pm

                    These are the days when being a thumb is so much fun. Even funner (hee-hee) than normal.   Our 1st place winner of the Worldwide Underwear Day contest was Daniel Dillard. Gary from A4CWSN was generous enough to donate a new iPod Touch for 1st place, along with the other goodies Daniel will receive. The device arrived yesterday and we had a chance to speak with Daniel's mom today. She explained that Daniel is the recent recipient of an iPad from a very generous donor. His big sister also has an iPodTouch. In the mold of what this inspiring community is all about, the amazing Dillard family felt that they needed to do something nice for someone else. The thumbs agreed 110%.   If you've spent any time at all on Gary James' FaceBook page or website, you've heard about the heart warming blog being run by Aiden Hadley's big sister, Kourtney. She's a remarkable girl who posseses wisdom beyond her years. Her compassion and drive to work with Aiden has moved us so much, that we'd like to make sure that she has all of the tools to continue her mission of sharing Aiden's Austistic World through her eyes. We also found out today from Kourtney's mom, that she has been carrying around a used iPod with a cracked screen. So, Kourtney...
(dramatic pause)  
Daniel Dillard would like to share his good fortune with you by giving you his iPod Touch. His mommy said he loves to share. Indeed he does.   So, when Aiden (our #1 Fan) receives his gifts for coming in 2nd place for his fabulous undies, we will include the iPod Touch. Hope you enjoy using it as much as we enjoy sending it to you!

Love- The Dillards, Gary James and The Thumbs Xoxoxoxo

I was filled with emotions when I heard the message. I am so grateful to the Dillards, Thumb Arcade, and Gary James aka A4cwsn. I am thrilled to be apart of such a caring community. It is going to be awesome to have an IPod that doesn't have a big crack in it. Thank you so much for your generosity and compassion Dillard Family. Thumbs up to the players and Gary James thank you for changing lives! Daniel you are awesome at sharing!

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  1. Kourtney you are an amazing young lady and so Grateful you were blessed with an new ipod and thanks for sharing with us Life with an autistic Brother and May God Bless you and your wonderful family.

  2. Thank you so much Kristi!! :) We are truely blessed and it is wounderful that there are such generous people in our community.